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Best Project Management Software for Beginners

Where we talk about content creation and how to optimize it to be the most efficient Today we’re talking about Asana. Which in my opinion is one of the Best Project Management Software for Beginners.
which you can use in your business to make everything smooth simple and efficient. I want to show you how i set it up very quickly to manage projects from within that one tool and i want to show you some of the functionalities which I absolutely love. So let’s get to it! So the first thing you want to do is to go to

and from here we’re going to create an account so you just click try for free Asana has different pricing tiers

but to be fair the free version is absolutely amazing We can discuss stuff that is in the upgraded versions later on but I think for now it’s absolutely fine if you just use it with free functionality You can use a Gmail or Yahoo email address but i would highly advise you to actually use a custom domain email. That means that you know if my website is you would want to use info and this means that you will have one amazing functionality that can come in very useful.Best Project Management Software

once you have a team or if you already work within a team this will add a different layer to the free version of Asana which is the
team’s version Go to your inbox and just confirm your
email address. So I’ll just scroll up and click confirm

and you’ll be all set. So the first thing you might want to do is

just update a couple of settings to make it nice and smooth for the other
Best Project Management Software for Beginners
you know it’s a bit impersonal if you don’t so my name is Rasel Howlader I’ll just put that in here you can put in your role you can put your pronouns in here you can have a department or team and you can write a little kind of bio in there as well. um especially if you’re working in a bigger

especially if you’re working remotely as well so that that’s quite a kind of a good and polite thing to to set up first but if it’s just for you don’t need to worry about it for now then you’ve got your notifications which you can set up in here

Best Project Management Software

and you can just choose to have activity updates or daily summaries sent to your email so you can just set up the preferred email in here and deal with that you’ve got email forwarding.

Best Project Management Software
Best Project Management Software for Beginners

which i can discuss in a different article if you’d like to know how to kind of manage Asana more efficiently from your app or from your email let me know in the comments below and i will be more than happy to actually provide that articles for you so we’re click away for now and the next thing you want to do is create a team so think about the teams as parts of your business.

if you have a sales team within your company or

absolutely fine to add them later so don’t worry you can just do that from the tab and on the left in here next you want to start creating your project so you click on here create a project

and it will open this amazing tab with all the different pre-loaded templates from Asana already they’re really good they’re quite good to kind of get inspired by

but i usually go to a blank project straight away just because i think you know it’s much easier to just organize it for yourself within the team and or you know to be fair you know your business best so again click on those check what they’re all about they usually have different tasks and descriptions within them they have um different tasks telling you how to actually use a specific board so that might be a bit of an inspiration

but i’m a you know diy kind of girl i prefer to do things my own way well you know get inspired but do your own thing girl next thing you want to add project details so in a blank project you i’ll put

content calendar all right that’s in here and you can see that it belongs to a marketing team you’ve got a couple of different views that you can choose so you’ve got your list view which is a straight kind of regular list view to-do list if you’re a list person this is what you want to choose obviously but for people who are familiar with the trello kind of boards and the board style is quite a useful one and you’ve got a calendar thing don’t worry about it at this point because you can change it anytime really and you can set these as default for um for different projects and you can set the privacy.

so for example if you wanted to create a project just for yourself that no one else has access to you can choose private to me but for now we’re just adding public to marketing team team right so we create a project just now and this is what it looks like Best Project Management Software tools

obviously asana uh once you first set it up it will give you different kind of tips and so you’ll have that purple board pop-up notification bar telling you how you can organize different things Best Project Management Software.

i’ll run you through it so we’ll just close that for now and once you have your project set up you want to add tasks of course so you can do it by clicking in here obviously. it will tell you this and you can just type in a task name in here so we’re going to set up a first test which is record uh how to set up a son off articles and then the next one will be write an asana blog post.

great so you’ve got these added again as you can see it pops up with different notifications so i’ll disregard them for now so the next step is actually adding in sections and sections is a great way to order your to-do list just as you would on your regular kind of piece of paper this is what you really want to have on the screen just so it’s nicely organized it’s neat once you look at it you know straight away which task belongs to which which sections and it makes it much easier to actually manage it from within the project i would highly recommend you actually set up your sections for Best Project Management Software

and then we’re going to add a new section which is blog and then instagram perfect so once you move to the left you can see that these little dots pop up and this is how you can rearrange Best Project Management Software tools sections and tasks within the project so you want to kind of drag this record how to set up asana articles to your youtube section or move the right and asana blog post to the blog section


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