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Email marketing tips to increase sales

if you’re sending cold emails and you’re not getting results i want to show you five secret things that will elevate your cold email performance to the next level taught by the cold email king himself we’ve sent millions of cold emails at this point and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in leads for our clients and our students so if you want to learn from the best hope you’re ready these are five things to do to improve your cold Email marketing tips to increase sales campaign.

let’s go this article is conveyed to you by open sales find valid contact details 100 free before we jump into it make sure you subscribe down below and smash if you want to see more articles like this also if you want to learn cold email step by step by step head on over to Email marketing tips to increase sales.

all right let’s jump into it first thing you want is a domain name dedicated only to cold email you don’t want to send cold emails using your main domain name because you want to protect that domain like the golden egg that it is you’ve had this domain for years it’s the representation of your business so if for some reason you screw up in your cold email campaigns and you get sent to spam you don’t want your internal emails to go away you don’t want your communication with clients to go away so in order to protect all of that it’s better to just set up another domain Email marketing tips to increase sales.

name and the way that i would normally do that is create a similar looking domain with a different extension so for instance our main domain name for our agency is x27 where we send cold email and book meetings on behalf of other clients now when we go

to send cold emails as ourselves we will create other domains like x27 or or even Email marketing tips to increase sales. we’ve got dozens and dozens of these now so that’s what i would recommend for you create another domain name and don’t send cold emails as your main domain off the bat the next thing you want to do is set up your complete gmail profile for this we send using g suite because it sets up all of the basics for you so make sure that you’re using g suite and that you set up your profile profile picture your name looks good your signature looks good and we’ll even throw up an example of what our email signature looks like so you can copy that right now just text base no need for fancy images or anything just your name your title and maybe your phone number maybe not your address and that’s all you really need you want to do this because google will look at you as more suspicious and the people you’re sending cold emails to will be more likely to mark you with spam if you don’t have a profile picture so by setting up your account you’ll be able to avoid that first spam trap and you really want to avoid as many spam traps as possible to make sure that you end up in the inbox of the people you’re trying to contact the next thing you want to do is set up dmarc and like we just talked about if you’re using gsuite dmarc is already set up so just make sure that you use g suite if not we actually have a articles that talks about how to set up dmarc dmarc is a verification system that was added to email to make people more trustworthy so for instance people assumed that spammers would never know how to set up dmarc that’s not true at all but that was kind of the thing like let’s set up dmarc and it’ll make it more normal for people to send emails question for you before we continue what challenges are you facing in your cold email campaigns inbox warming up your inbox is teaching google and outlook and the spam filters that you’re real and what’s cool about warm up now which wasn’t true when we first started cold emailing like a decade ago is it can all be automated now and if you want a software that’s going to warm up your inbox automatically you can actually just go to and you can get our warm-up recommendations and what that’ll do is it will send emails back and forth with other users of that tool which teaches gmail and spam filters that you’re not just a spammer number five is make sure your emails are good duh the way to think about this is make sure your emails are to a specific person and they offer a specific thing there are three things you want your cold email campaign you want solid leads a cold email that gets opened and an offer that gets them to buy so how do you get all that i would highly recommend jumping in cold email university because it teaches you step by step by step how to craft a cold email that actually works cold email university dot com open sales is a free community powered extension to find valid contact details for your prospects across the web the vast network of sales people share up-to-date contact information to make sure that the contact details are always valid get started for free today and experience a new generation of prospecting tools powered by the community to check them out go to thanks for watching the articles be sure to smash that like button subscribe down below and leave a comment i will talk to you soon let’s roll on to the next articles.

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