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How to get generate leads for business

local business marketing is huge let’s say you wanted to sell to companies in your city or you wanted to sell to companies in a certain country today i want to show how to get more generate leads for business 2022.

how to use a tool to do that in the easiest most effective way possible stick around this is gonna be fun before we jump into it make sure you smash that like button to encourage this type of content on youtube subscribe down below and i’ll talk to you soon leave a comment and let me know if you want more of this type of Articles all right with that being said let’s find some companies by location. How to get generate leads for business

our go-to lead gen tool right now is uplead so let’s go over to uplead and we will go through their database and find some companies by location first why would you want to target a company based on location well if you’re targeting local businesses let’s say restaurants or even big corporations in your town then targeting based on city would be very relevant when i was in new york originally selling to startups one of my key differentiators was i would email them and ask them to meet for coffee or meet in their office instead of doing a skype meeting and a few of the clients got back and said that the reason they met with me and not anyone else in this space is because i offered to meet in person so meeting with people in your town and your area can be a huge

advantage when you’re competing with companies all over the world so how do we do this let’s go over to uplead and click location now we can see a few different targeting criteria here we can go by company location by clicking this toggle and we can either go by country so let’s say companies that are just in the united states.

how to generate leads for business

we can go by region which is a pec e-m-e-a and lat-am so if you wanted to see like asia-pacific region or companies in europe or companies in the get more generate leads for business 2022

americas or latin america how to generate leads for business

you could do any of those you can also go by united states so let’s say we wanted companies that are just in florida how to generate leads for business

we could see that we can go by county even so let’s search orange orange county florida you can also go by

metro area and city the difference between metro area and city is the metro area is going to be a little wider the city is going to be tighter so that’s the difference if you really just want city targeting you can do that as well we can just search orlando and we can grab orlando florida right here and you can also search just by zip code if you wanted to just search by zip code you can do that as well and put in your zip code right here and if it’s in the database it’ll come up so let’s find some leads using this criteria let’s go to contact search because we want individual people not companies and we will go to city let’s search orlando florida and just hit done and instantly it’s going to pull up a list of 288 000 contacts at these companies but it’s not just enough to get a bunch of companies in orlando we can go down by industry category and search services businesses let’s say engineering accounting research management and related services get more generate leads for business 2022.

and from here we can narrow it down now it’s 7 400 contacts that are senior designers at smartbug media or senior solutions engineer at deloitte but they’re still all over the organization so we can click title and tighten it up even further to go by management level hit c level vp and hit done and now the contacts will tighten up to where we need them 593 contacts of vp and c-level people based in the united states in our accounting and management services niche easy as that now to download the leads i’ll just hit that check mark i can hit download we can select as many leads as we want even as many as you know 300 and go to crm export we can export it directly into mailshake and we’ll be good to go that’s it connect crm go right to mailshake the leads will be verified because this is up lead so it’ll check every single one to make sure the emails are right and

then they’ll be sent out so if you’re looking to find leads in your local area or in any local area then i would highly recommend checking out uplink uplead is a b2b lead generation tool that gives you access to millions of business contacts worldwide unlike other tools on the market uplead offers real time email verification so you can be sure that you’re getting high quality accurate contact information try it out today and get 25 free leads by using the partner code x27 let’s talk about cold email university if you want the easiest way to learn cold email i’ve talked about get more generate leads for business 2022

this a million times cold email is a skill that will change your life for the better imagine being able to contact anyone if you want to sell a 10 000 deal you can with cold email if you want to get your dream job you can with cold email if you want to sell your software you can do it with cold email and cold email university is the course for you it’s all of our insights from hundreds of students and millions of dollars generated via cold email our seven figure agencies built on cold email and most of what we do is built on this skill the course will show you how to write your perfect cold email how to take your current case studies and make them amazing and how to improve your campaigns so that you can start booking massive deals right now today if that sounds interesting to you go on over to and check out that course right now encourage type of content on youtube subscribe down below for more like this leave a comment down below that’s the way that we know whether you like the content or not you need to engage down below and we’ll get a conversation going ask about lead criteria ask about anything like that let me know in the comments make sure you’re

i’ll talk to you soon thanks for


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