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How to build a twitter audience

twitter is a great tool to collect new information but it’s also great for meeting new people expanding your network and building your personal brand growing on twitter isn’t easy of course it takes lots of time. you know months and even years but in my experience the most effective way to do that is to make twitter threats consistently. so if you see people who are growing on twitter rapidly. they are usually the ones who make threats at least once or even few times a week making threats is such an effective way to How to build a twitter audience online because they are more likely to go viral rather than a single tweet or sharing a blog post anyway making a good thread is very hard it takes a lot of time and thinking but there are some tools that makes this process much easier and enjoyable so in this articlei want to show you those tools and how i use them.

okay the first tool that i want to introduce is typeflea

How to build a twitter audience

this tool was made by the same people who made meru which is one of my favorite apps. that i introduced in one of my previous articles what typefully does is really simple it lets you easily plan and make a twitter thread i like how you can write on the center funnel without getting any breaks in between and you can save your ideas as draft which you can see from the left side panel also what i love about this app is that you can see how your tweets are going to turn out on twitter on the right panel which i think is helpful once you made your tweet or thread you can

build a twitter audience

either tweet it now or schedule it later
personally i really like this simple design and making a thread on this app feels pretty good and i want to mention that you can also use this on your phone as well it’s not a proper app but if you go to typefleet on your browser and save it to your home screen it works perfectly as an app and i love using it on my phone tightly is completely free now while how to build a twitter audience.

they are developing some premium features such as engagement analytics and ai generated tweet ideas so i highly recommend it okay now we have a tool to craft tweets but what should we tweet about the other tool that i use sometimes is this little app called what to tweet
it’s actually not a proper app but a web app you might have a guest there already but this tool gives you ideas for tweet when you go to this page you see a prompt for your tweet and if you need some specific examples you can click on show example and you’re just gonna have to make your own version if you can’t think of anything from the prompt just hit the next prompt how to build a twitter audience.

and you should be able to find some good ideas like type 3 this is 100 free as well so they are the tools that i use mainly to make a twitter thread but if you use the wrong research like myself you can actually use rome to make a twitter thread which is very convenient all you need is this plugin made by david vargas which lets you send tweets from your room i leave the link in the description if you want to try it what you want to do is make this tweet button and then make your tweet in the blog below when you’re done click the twitter icon and hit send if you have multiple blocks under the twitter button it will be sent as a thread making twitter inside rome is great because you get to write your tweet while looking at your notes which makes the process much easier in my

build a twitter audience

experience this plugin is incredibly useful and i use it sometimes but most of the times i use typeflea because it lets you schedule your tweet also roam on my phone is a little bit laggy and slow so i prefer to use tightly which is pretty fast so those are the tools that i use often to make a twitter thread if you like this Article Please Comment this Below.

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