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How to SETUP Your YouTube CHANNEL

Do you know there are 10 things you need to sort out for your How to SETUP Your YouTube CHANNEL to actually be discovered? Yes, 10! And I’m covering all of them today so watch these articles and check if you’re not overlooking some important things and not attracting new followers!

Hi, my name is Rasel, and welcome to my Blog where I share super actionable ideas on content creation for entrepreneurs and creators. You know we’re all about optimizing here and squeezing as much as we can from each platform and today we’re talking Youtube! I know, so meta. Having a properly optimized Youtube is absolutely crucial for reaching your audience and turning them into subscribers. If you don’t do it properly and thoroughly, you’re missing potential subscribers and the opportunity for them to become

paying clients as well. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to choose a profile picture and design channel art, how to populate your about tab so that it works for you, how to use trailers or featured article to introduce yourself to the audience, how to use links, playlists, tags and sooooo much more. This is what we’re discussing today. Let’s dive right into it!

1) Channel Name

The first thing you want to start off with is, of course, choosing your channel name.

How to SETUP Your YouTube CHANNE 1

One thing to note is that the NAME is different from the URL which some people confuse. Unlike the URL, you can actually edit your name, however, I do recommend choosing a name you want to stick with straight away. This way, the channel can gain recognition over time and, as I always say, it’s crucial that your brand is consistent. Go for a simple option of your name and surname if you’re creating a personal brand or your business name for increased searchability (is that a word? searchability? yes? no? ok, it’s a word now.) If it’s appropriate, you can also pick a name that people can search for or one that will let them quickly identify what your content is going to be about.

2) Channel Art

As with any graphic design for your business, your channel art should be in line with your brand.

How to SETUP Your YouTube CHANNE 1

The same rules as with article thumbnails apply here – first and foremost, it needs to grab attention. Whether you decide to design it in Canva with a ready template or yourself in another application, make sure is sized to the optimal 2560 x 1440 pixels. This way, it displays properly on a variety of devices so phones, ipads, laptops but also TVs. Remember there is also a safe space so make sure to include any relevant information within that frame. Otherwise, it will be cut off.

****You can include your tagline and how often you post articles so say

a new article every Friday at 9am pst. But the possibilities are really endless.If you choose, this can be a place to promote your course with a banner or you can add info on your freebie – especially with a Call to Action to download it. sell or promote in this way – a CTA to subscribe is a great way to go. Remember that Youtube gives you an option to share your links – more on that later on so watch the article to the very end.

3) Choose a Profile Picture

How to SETUP Your YouTube CHANNEL

Pick a clean image. You don’t want a messy, cluttered photo here because the space you’ve got is really small on the screen. I always advise to keep your profile pictures consistent across all platforms so that your followers can easily identify your brand and recognize you.

How to SETUP Your YouTube CHANNEL

If you’re a personal brand rather than a brick and mortar business let’s say, pick a profile photo with your face because our brains pick out faces faster than logos.


4) Featured articles or channel trailer

Just like in real life, introducing yourself is really important on Youtube. Luckily, it’s really easy to do here with the channel trailer. When planning out your script, try to keep it short and sweet and very much to the point. As with any article on Youtube, grab your viewers’ attention within the first few seconds with what we call a hook. This can be a variety of things, whether something entertaining, emotional, or super educational. The most important thing is always bringing value. Remember that most people watching your trailer don’t know you so explain what you do on the channel and what they can expect if they stick around for a while.

Instead of recording a trailer, you can also choose a featured article for your channel. It can be your best piece of content or something that showcases what you do very well. Again, you want to convince the viewers to stay with you and subscribe. For best results, combine the words with a graphic prompt on the screen. You’ll see it in action in just a moment… Whether you’re uploading a trailer or featuring an article, put the description box to good use. I have an article coming up on how to optimize each article before publishing it, so hit that subscribe button & the notification bell to be the first one to know when it’s out! See what I did there? So to reiterate, cover what your channel is all about in the description box and include links leading to your website and socials to prompt the audience to keep in touch. how to setup Your YouTube channel.

5) Playlists

Playlists are another useful feature to help users find content from you that they’re really interested in. Once you have enough articles, it might become a bit tough to navigate so take advantage of playlists. For example, if you go to the playlists tab on my channel, you’ll see various topics like Youtube Tips or Favorite Tools which makes it easier to binge-watch a whole series and get educated on a particular subject. Do the same for your content right after you publish your first article and then gradually organize articles within topical playlists. What’s great about them is that they’re searchable as well! how to setup Your YouTube channel.

6) About tab

Even though it’s not as conspicuous as say Instagram Bio (by the way, check out this article to revamp yours!), About tab on Youtube should still be updated so that it represents who you are. In the description, include a short intro on who you are and how you help your audience. This is the place to insert all the relevant links as well. You can add up to five so choose the most important ones for your business like your website and any socials. A great feature of these links is that they appear on your channel art in the bottom right corner. That’s why including a CTA on your banner as I mentioned before can be so useful! If you exceed the five-link limit, you can still add some to your description,

but they won’t be clickable. However, if the link you want to include here is a clean and short url, interested people might still be encouraged to follow the link manually, especially with an attractive call to action. So, let’s say you’re building a Facebook group – include a CTA and the link in your description as well. There is also an option to add contact details so a business email is a good idea. This way, people who might want to collaborate with you will have easier access to your details straight from Youtube. I’d say try and not use an email address that’s connected to your Youtube channel itself – you might open yourself up to hackers. ***whispers*** Two-factor authentication. how to setup Your YouTube channel.

7) Links to other channels

If that’s not your only channel, you can link your other one here as well. Moreover, if you’re working with partners or regular collaborators, this might be a great way to support them, too. Community is very important on Youtube so if you draw a lot of inspiration from other creators on the platform, include them here. Don’t think of them as competition. A simple energy shift can turn them into potential collaborators and then, magic can happen. But hey, that’s a subject for another article.

8) Articles Description Template

And while we’re still on the subject of descriptions and links, you can set up an article description template that will be applied to each of your articles. Of course, some elements of it will be unique to the article, but you still want to make your life easier by having a short description of you and your channel, all the links to your social, subscription prompt etc. More on how you should structure your description in the upcoming article which I mentioned before so stay tuned for that. how to setup Your YouTube channel.

9) Channel Keywords:

You can include relevant keywords in each of your articles to help people find them while they’re searching Youtube. I should probably say you must include them because that’s how important they are. But did you know that adding keywords to your channel is necessary, too? They have the exact same effect as with individual articles and get your channel discovered with a simple search. Add valuable tags that are relevant to your channel which will help Google and Youtube index your channel properly. how to setup Your YouTube channel.

10) Articles watermark

And last but not least, a tiny detail that is often skipped because it is, in fact, quite tiny – add your channel article watermark. You can do it through your channel settings. When viewers click on the watermark, it opens up and allows them to subscribe to your channel from within the article themselves so quite a cool feature. And again, because it’s really really small with just 150 by 150 pixels, you need to be quite bold with it and it should really stand out. Have the goal of the watermark in mind. Since it gets people to subscribe, you can include your logo with SUBSCRIBE above or a simple subscribe button that is native to the platform. You can later see how it’s performing in your channel analytics so check back after you set it up and see if it’s working. If not – experiment with different options and colors. Once you have all these 10 points checked, have a look at this Youtube playlist where I share useful tips on how to grow your channel and get more subscribers. I’ve also already recorded the article just for you on what to do before you publish each article so subscribe now and hit that notification bell to stay informed when I release it soon. Like this article, if you enjoyed it, and comment below if you have any more tips on how to setup Your YouTube channel.

Have a great day and I’ll see you next time 🙂



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