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How to increase twitter followers

everyone’s talking about nft non-fungible commemoratives garyvee is talking about nfts logan paul has this crypto punk choker now he is talking about crypto punks eric sue he owns a crypto punk and a cool cat but this videotape isn’t about what are nfts this videotape is about how we launched our nft design betty’s and got 5 000 followers how to increase twitter followers in 48 hours with no advertisements you wanna know how we did that stick around before we jump into it make sure that you’re subscribed down below and smash that like button if you want further tutorial content about twitter vote with your thumbs hit that like button because if you do not bounce we will not make further vids like this

we’ll make other vids and you will have missed the boat so make sure don’t stay you know do not fomo it’s trying to agree it could not agree it so i was allowing we should do an nft design and i asked our developer monica if she had any art and she transferred me this beautiful lady then with the cigarette etc. so i wrote this tweet i said nft matic drop betty’s 10 000 unique womanish

incorporations mint is coming week put in your eath portmanteau to win and 2209 formerly possessed relates to a once tweet we launched a design called crypto bucks and in order to launch that design i did a analogous tweet it was just like nft matic drop put in your portmanteau down below retweet that is all i said and we got 2000 retweets on that also i posted this betty and we got another 700 retweets 900 likes over a thousand holdalls put in after that came out i realized perhaps we should make our own twitter account so i took this image of the bettys and our twitter account then also i posted a couple tweets and you can see how this evolved so nft matic drop betty’s ten thousand unique womanish incorporations mint is coming week so i took the exact one ireplies also i posted this one nft matic drop put in your eat portmanteau for a free nft 3500 formerly possessed retweet and we got 300 replies also i said nft matic drop 10 000 will be formed 3500 formerly possessed everyone who replies will get a free nft post your eth portmanteau and follow to win and this one blew up you can see this has 6.4 thousand commentary, 5 000 likes and 4 000 retweets no advertisements on a brand new twitter account.

had no followers like zero followers also we woke up the coming day within 48 hours and we were pushing 5000 followers on the account that caused some people to reach out like kabir who was following the lazy Napoleons and also liked us from our youtube channel reached out to run the betty’s nft design and the rest is history we’re about to airdrop these betties How to increase twitter followers.

we’ve got a inventor everything’s coming together now thanks to a couple tweets on increase twitter followers where differently would you tweet if you want to know this strategy in detail by the way i would look at increase twitter followers10k because we actually have a case study of betty’s plus other ways that we have grown twitter accounts now this is the third twitter account that we’ve grown in a veritably short period of time to over three thousand four subs this is commodity that we’re getting veritably veritably good at so if you want to see that process i would checkout

then’s some questions for you what do you suppose about betty’s if you love them i want to do a comp so note your ethereum portmanteau down below and we’ll check this out this videotape is brought to you by increase twitter followers 10k get your first 10 000 followers and make your first thousand bones on twitter by following this step-by- step process check it out at

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