How to Make Money Thousands of Dollars Working From Home

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in today’s blog, I’m going to teach you

guys a way you can make money thousands of

dollars working from home there are different

ways you can make thousands of dollars

in the comfort of your home the very

first thing on my list is for you to

learn a skill.


guys you need to learn a

skill like in this area that we are now

you just need to learn a digital skill i

miss something that you can do for

people that live international not

just a skill that you can do for only

those around you maybe region your state

the country you need to learn something

that you can do for people that live internationally.

now I can just work for people or you

can even decide to create a course to sell

it or coach people learning skills is

very important so if you want to make

thousands of dollars online learning a

skill is something that you should look

into after I graduated from school I was

looking for a job

I stayed home for like um up to a year i

wasn’t getting any job so I just told

myself girl you need to learn a skill

i wanted to learn a skill but I wasn’t

having the phones to lend a skill

because of the kind of scary I wanted to

learn then was a deep task like

something that I can monetize internationally.

so I was having that challenge of um way

to learn his skill and money to learn is

key I saw some courses back then but i

was not having the phones to buy and then

land because I wasn’t having um

money as at that time so I decided

to go online and learn um some

little things I can learn about graphic

design and that was how I started when i

started my career I started on most of us um look Fiverr


graphic designer as at that time on

fiverr i was creating online course

smoker for people and i was charging

between um 15 to 35 dollars

for each mocop

and i actually made um a lot of money

that year designing online um course

smoke up for people these are some of

the um

cost mockup that i actually designed on

fiverr these are some of the jobs i did

for people and i was charging between

fifteen dollars thirty five dollars for

each mock-up and then a little bit more

for maybe two to three more cups

trust me guys if you like a skew you can

never go broke like there are different

ways you can monetize your skill you can

become a freelancer you have to exhibit

hours you get to choose where to walk

when to walk who to work for


tons of dollars online from home

the best part about freelancing is that

you choose when to walk where to walk

and who to work for so please if you

know you want to make tens of dollars

online in 2022 and even beyond then

learning a skill is one thing you should

look into now these are some of the

designs that I’ve made I think as a

graphic designer, i make different

designs when it comes to graphics


graphic design is one thing that can

give you a lot of money I’m not saying

go for graphic design but yeah different


start um monetizing and start making

money now i designed book covers i

designed banner i designed um i did a

lot of things flyers posted movie

posters name it now this is a book cover

um my banana the banana on my channel

was done by me and trust me guys when

you go to fiverr people are charging

like between um 15 to 25 dollars so that

kind of banner this is my banner the

banner on my youtube channel i also

created this new banner that i intend to

use for my vlog channel this is another

banner that i created this banner is so

eye-catching i love how everything is

here so this is something that you can

learn and start making money

trust me guys this is so easy like

so so easy you can learn this and start

making money from home now one of the

challenges i had when i was starting my

career like i said was weight learning

skill and today ski share is sponsoring

this video this is an opportunity for

you guys to go explore this

class library and let a new ski for

those of you that want to learn his cue

or learn new techniques or upgrades your

skill now many of you don’t know what

skillshare is an online

learning platform where you can learn new

skills it’s an online learning platform

with thousands of inspiring classes for

those who love to learn or want to learn

a new skill learn techniques about their

skills explore their creativity and

learn your skill so I’m going to show

you guys the platform so if you want to

learn a new skill um learning techniques

or maybe um you want to

upgrade or clever your skill skilshare is

the perfect place for you now especially

has thousands of classes in photography

email marketing graphic design writing

digital marketing name they have a lot

of classes for you guys to go on there

explore get creative and start making

money the best thing i love about skilshare

is that even with your phone you can let

it skew like you can explore that class

library with your phone and then be able

to like length is key with your phone so


don’t have a laptop or whatever with

your phone you can access their platform

and length is cute so this is this is

kisha this is the platform this is the

home page of skillshare so if you are

learning a skill or you want to search


come back to this search that says what

do you want to learn today you click it

and then type something like maybe

digital marketing it’s going to bring us

different classes that you can take and

the best part about this platform is

that you can even um blend a skill with

your phone like you can this is the

platform on your phone and then take any

classes you want to take now you can

even fit the class level and there are

there are classes for beginners

intermediate and advanced so if you want

to go for beginners classes maybe

digital marketing um photography writing

or whatever it is that you’re interested

in you can just fit it and then it’s

going to bring classes that are for

beginners now these are some of the

classes under um digital marketing so if

you want to take any class all you need

to do just to click on it and then to

take you straight to the class and then


want to learn this is the class i just

clicked on so if you want to learn
digital marketing all you need to do

just to click the play button and then

you watch sit back and learn one of the

classes that actually learn new

techniques on how to design book cover

is this class by vicky andren guys this

class actually taught me a lot about how

to design book covers in this class she

talked about how to learn um techniques


how to apply magic to images how to use

the tools in photoshop how to use

different brushes how to blend color

change hue saturation fs types for

typography and other tricks to bring

magic to life guys i actually love this

class for real i learned a lot from this

class now the good thing about skisha is

that they simplify all the classes that

it is so easy to understand


way you can make thousands of dollars

online is by blogging guys when it comes

to blogging it’s a game changer like

there are different ways you can

monetize a blog that can be fetching you

thousands of money every month now when

you’re starting a blog the very first

thing you should do is to get a name for

your blog and it should be something

you’re passionate about so that you

don’t run out of ideas on what to write

about now is is advising for you to get

a name that is very very easy to

remember get a short name or a name that

is very very easy to remember the

platform i would recommend you guys to

get a domain name from is nimchi so if

you’re considering starting a blog name

chip is the place you should get a

domain i actually love nimchi because of

their customer service and their domains

are very very cheap now another thing


blogging you want to be a blogger for

you to buy hosting now they are

different just a company that says

hosting or platform that sells hosting

and the one i recommend is bluehost

bluehost is very affordable and i also

love their customer service

so this is um another way you can start

making tons of dollars in the comfort of

your home there are different software

that makes blogging easy the best part

about blogging is that there are

different ways you can monetize the blog

you can manage the blog through athletes

marketing you can manage the blog

through different ways you can be

writing articles for people and also be

making money as a blogger so there are

different ways you can also monetize it

below that is why bloggers are cleaning

it when it comes to making money online

plunking is one thing that you should

consider going into you’re looking for a

way to make thousands of dollars online

like is it legit where you can make a

lot of money online the third way is

true affiliate marketing now majority of

us are conversant with athletes

marketing affiliate marketing is simply

you promoting other people’s product or

services and then getting paid for doing

so there are thousands of um

affiliate programs that you can join

sign up get your affiliate link start

promoting and start making money there

is clickbank there’s gd store there’s on

fiverr there are a lot of them one atlas
program that i actually love that i’ve

promoted over the years is fiverr

athletes program because of course i’m a

freelancer i love services i don’t have

an idea of what athletes program to um

sign up as an athlete you can just go to

google google a particular niche or a

particular service and then plus

athletes program is going to bring out

the list of uh platforms that have

athletes marketing programs so guys

these three ways are legit ways you can

make thousands of dollars from home

these three ways are ways you can make a

lot of money in the comfort of your home

so if you’re considering um going into

any of these

make sure you are consistent consistency

is one thing that

is very very key when it comes to making

money online all these things are

mentioned and actually make you lots of

money but you just have to be consistent

especially if you’re going to blogging

or affiliate marketing and of course

even if you want to learn a skill you

need to learn a skill you need to give

yourself some time learn is key and make

sure you lend the skill

to a point where you’re very very
professional or to a point where you are

very skilled before you start um taking

jobs before you start working for people

and start making money i love you guys


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